Green Valley Lake

Momma had a new baby…
Greg is his name,
and they need some time alone

Papa took me to a lake so Momma can rest
We set up a pup tent,
it’s small and cozy…
even though it was really cold outside,
Papa and I stayed nice and warm in our sleeping bags

That night,
when the sun fell behind a hill,
Papa built a fire with some logs

They were laying everywhere on the ground,
the logs
it was easy to pick them up

I liked watching Papa chop them with his shinny axe,
the coming apart noise was really clean,
when the wood split,
 it sounds like slicing air

Papa and I roasted hot dogs
and marshmallows
over our fire for dinner,
they tasted really good,
we sat in little chairs by the fire
and ate them

Papa and I woke really early,
it was still dark,
and there were so many stars,
more than I have ever saw before

Then we went to the lake
with our fishing poles

It’s my first time fishing on a lake;
Casting was different than at the ocean
Papa showed me how
he’s a really good fishing teacher
We caught some fish and it was exciting
The first bit I got,
I lost the fish…
Papa showed me how to be more slow and patient
My next hit,
I didn’t jerk the line,
I reeled in a big trout…
when it came up on the sand,
Papa’s face was so happy,
his smile made me feel real good

Papa and I made breakfast,
he cooked the trout and some pancakes,
and I set the table
I loved the maple syrup on my fish and flap jacks
I loved the lake,
and so many trees…

there was no yelling

I wished we didn’t have to go back to Collis Avenue,
I bet we could live in the tent