My Yard is Special

My Yard is special
I’m the one in charge of keeping the Yard clean
I sweep the leaves and clean up the dog poop
Sometimes I trim the bushes with clippers
Taking care of my Yard makes me feel good
Cleaning gives me satisfaction…even when I don’t like the work
The Yard is my safe place
I get to make forts, climb in the trees, and be a spy
I like to scale the big brick wall that protects the Yard
Sometimes I sneak into the neighbor’s yard and explore
It’s a thrill to poke around and not get caught
My neighbor Tim moved away and now I am alone
Papa put up Tim’s basketball backboard and hoop on a big wood post
He dug a deep hole in the concrete with a pick and shovel
Then mixed concrete and poured it in the hole with the post
My new basketball set-up is super strong
I don’t understand Papa
He spent a lot of time on the project, and was really nice too
Then Papa got mad and yelled really loud; it feels mean and scary
I think I’m gonna move out of the house and live in the Yard
My Yard is always nice