Catch Me fuck Me Socks

It was the winter of 1984
My coke dealer Richard Mann
Had an insatiable appetite when it came to sex
Not that the year had any relevance
Richard wanted to bed his new flavor of the month Lori Severi,
And thought he would the night before Christmas Eve 
But an unforeseen obstacle reared its ugly little head
That being Lori’s best friend Megan
Megan’s boyfriend had broken up with her
Megan had landed on the skids
Megan was a Connecticut debutante wannabe  
Megan was broken hearted and unwilling to softer her stiff upper lip
A conundrum for Richard
But the perfect opportunity for Lori to nurse 
It became Lori’s number one concern in life
To scrounge up a holiday date for her friend Megan
Richard’s game plan for some Yule Tide sack time seemed imperiled
That’s where I came in 
I’d be Megan’s date 
Only problem was
I was not on the 10 most eligible bachelors list
In fact, I ranked nowhere
I was a tweaker, a junkie, an unmanageable mess
And my dating skills were rusty
The gals I spent time with were flat,
Two dimensional,
Found only on sticky pages of pornographic pulp
Cleaning up required much more than a shower and a shave
My guts were far too dirty for even the strongest cleaning products. 
When Lori mentioned me as a candidate
 “What the hell” was Richard’s response  
Lori had only met me once
I’d come over to cop and was not yet in my cups
She imagined I wasn’t exactly groomed for prom night
But the hour was getting late
There seemed to be no other remedies for Megan’s forlornness
When Richard made the call
He made me promise
Not to smoke any coke before or on our double date
The deal was cinched 
When the girls came through Ritchie’s front door
They were followed by a freezing gust of wind
And some dried up stray sycamore leaves 
Both girls were attired in holiday skirts and sweaters,
And frilly ankle socks,
The kind lacy kind that little girls wear
To parties and church   
On the coattails of our introduction
Lori gestured towards the floor where the girls stood
And asked Richard:
“Do you like our catch me, fuck me socks?”
 Richard and I locked eyes
No words were spoken
The evening’s merriment began
By day break
Megan and I got a room
At the Golden Lion Motor Inn on Sepulveda
We’d stayed together from that night
Until the summer of ‘85