Corrine’s overpowering influence on a man can be ether-like
Her seductive embrace and salty kiss so intoxicating,
That even the most driven man,
Those who carry a bag heft with success,
Sitting stoically,
Perched upon the highest rung of society’s ladder,
Is prone to fall from position by her spell

Throughout history,
Legions of men have sacrificed their holdings,
Material and spiritual,
For just one more night with the soulless queen
Road weary and haggard by trial,
After repeated failure in romantic quest and diversion,
I graduated from casual snuff

In search of relief from worldly woes and without conscious thought,
I began to court the queen with passionate determination

My special needs were readily met as Corrine enabled my misplaced soul
To become more lost,
And in my marooned state,
Solace was found in my emotional invisibility
Over time,
Corrine’s erotic and euphoric embrace
Gradually drove me beyond my limits,
Into a realm of reckless abandon

Fallen by the wayside of time and toil,
No longer a man,
My shipwrecked state could be forgotten just for a brief moment
As I crouched lower,
Into the darkness of my separate reality
Gently dipping into a jigger of highly flammable Bacardi 151,
A pair of surgical steel forceps hold tightly a ball of cotton
I use to pick up my date

Patiently waiting with her bedroom eyes,
Corrine lies inside the sparkling clean,
Pristine bowl of my blown-glass pipe
I gently suckles the pipe’s mouthpiece like a jazz trumpeter playing Nights in Tunisia…
My foreplay is gentle and well rehearsed;
The white princess sizzles upon ignition
And her thick,
Sweet smoke
Is drawn down the glass neck
Collecting in the pipe’s belly,
Amassing a potent and voluminous white cloud

In an uncountable increment of time,
The pain and strife of my life
Pass before me,
Only seen from the corner of my eye,
In a quick glance,
A vision evaporating,
Becoming unrecognized and unaccounted  

Somewhere in the distant far away,
 I hear a faint voice…
”You may kiss the bride”

My primal scream is immediately silenced
As I inhale the gaseous elixir into my lungs
My bloodshot-whites roll,
My head thrown back;
The alkaloids of Corrine’s bosom entice the pleasure points of my brain

Neurotransmitters conduct a symphony of endorphins,
Serotonin and dopamine in the key of D minor...
The fruits of my cranial ensemble are sweet,
A pleasure like none other,
A loud happiness,
So penetrating…
My ears ring with delight…
All the useless noise of the world is hushed
Like most purveyors of the Pearly Queen,
My business arrangement with Corrine’s has long disintegrated...
I’ve fallen prey to my vice and pathology

Once master now the slave,
Night after night and day after day,
My only affiliation with the lady snow
Is seen as I chase
After my lost pleasure

My marriage to Corrine is no longer recognizable,
But my refusal to divorce only one of utility…
I now rest in the un-peaceful and despicable depths of my addiction
And self abuse

Lying alone in a darkened room naked and defeated,
I hear the same faint voice in the far away distance…

”And death did them part”