The Girl Who Lived on Niagra

Sharon’s boyfriend Gene passed out on a Placydil
In the wings, I stood…on deck…ready…for a little pinch hitting

Barbiturate enhanced our intercourse was awful…
Lasting forty seconds, I felt degraded, the disappointment
In her face…unbearable

Darkness surrounded, and we lay hiding, silently…
Sharon’s parent’s home felt so lonely…quietly, I exited out the side gate, before, the sun woke

Months passed Gino now in jail, Sharon all alone, again…I slipped in and filled her void
Her nakedness, soothing my brokenness

We were irresponsible and immature;
We got high…had sex, but never talked…felt, or breathed as one
Our time together was mindless and without soul,
Filled with frivolity, no connection other than penis and vagina 

At best, our tryst a sham; like most things temporary…soon to evaporate
Then one night I received the call…

I’m pregnant, I want the child, And to be with you

I’m not ready to be a father; my auto insurance was just canceled…
I forgot to pay the bill…

She pled

I told your mother about the baby…she said she would support us…
Mrs. Cohen, the counselor…at the Jewish Family Center
Said we could get help from the State..

But I don’t have a job; I just got fired for being late…again
If I can’t show up on time to deliver pizzas, how do you expect me to be a dad?

Okay, you’re right; I’ll make the appointment…Can you help me pay?

I need to collect some money, Tony owes me for an eight ball
Will you visit me afterwards?

I must be asleep, having a nightmare…
A day later she calls me back

It’s all set…
I’m having it done at Our Mother of Angels in Sylmar…
Kim’s having one too…

We’ll share a recovery room…her being there will help…I’m so scared
I need a hundred and seventy five…The state is paying the rest, Is that ok?

I have to collect…I can bring the money around three
How are you getting there?

My sister is driving me…I love you…

Alright then

Later that day in the Hospital Chapel,
I wept,
What his name,
Woulda been