467 Miles from Home

Extracting reading material from my satchel, soon came sleep…
the chrome camel sauntered south on 99

A short thirteen minute nap later,
I was awoken by the wide sweeping turn of our coach transitioning onto the lazier southbound 70...
I could see America

Outside my window,
\some hundred yards from the two lane highway,
I looked upon sagging porches
and splintering barns
of the small farmhouses that littered the landscape

Mostly weather-breached and tired,
the agricultural residences presided over much acreage,
fields upon which families have lived and prospered,
generation after generation

Dilapidated exteriors,
the dwellings looked well used,
I could not help but to wonder
and contemplate,
the warmth that enveloped family kitchen tables during meal time…
gossipy chat during coffee and lemonade breaks

Harvest well over,
many fruit stands open for business,
visions of pears and apricots
cooking in five gallon pots on Wedgewoods…
Kerr jars sitting on counters,
waiting to be filled, sealed, and put up,
I could smell the sweet aroma…
Rubbing my eyes and awakening,
I felt as though my journey began years ago, not hours

Homebound to my Wife and Daughter,
I left My Son behind,
My Son, My Son
I hope he won’t feel lonely and all alone,
My Son, Our Firstborn