A moment of clarity,
textbook revelation…
the Eternal spoke,
and my previously muted ears finally listened

Folly at last seen and futility uncovered…
safe passage into the light,
almost blind brilliant illumination
up my rickety ladder I ascend
from my dark and dank, moldy root cellar

Returning to the Creator,
Became a arduous Journey…bumpy and heavily pitfall laden,
Nonetheless, a cakewalk in comparison
to the minefields and broken glass
I’d been blindly skipping through barefoot

On a cold, January morning in 1986,
 my Inner Voice became audible…
Rebirth, Return, Repent…a gentle mantra

I was able to pay the price of admission,
My ante on the table, I became fully dealt in
At last, I would hear Surf Music Again*

Partial lyric take from “3rd Stone from the Sun” by Jimi Hendrix 1967