Dr Leaky

Running from pain is futile
Like a dog’s tail,
It remains attached and follows
My wounded heart suffers endless grief

Escape in her eyes,
The warmth of her voice
And her smile drew me in
Seemingly a better solution to my internal misery than faith and patience
I’m drawn to her fire like a doomed moth

Perhaps her desolation
Is an empty ocean,
As vast as my barren desert
Her lit eyes,
A distress signal beaming for rescue…s
And not a beacon,
Illuminating safe landing
The closer drawn I become
The farther from my soul I am

Distraction temporary
Euphoria transient
Elation momentary
Sensual erotica a mirage

Search, rest, therapy, and Time…the Universe eventfully heals all
My only salvation is to Dig…
Deeper, Darker, Further