If I Were a Tree

If I were a tree
All I’d want to be,
Is free of entanglements,
Clear of other’s roots,
No competing,
For the same water,
Soil nutriments,
And air

Just give me some mulch and rain
And as much sunshine as you can spare

Let my branches grow strong…
So birds and squirrels
May come to rest, nest, and raise their young

Oh, and by the way, a bee hive would be nice
My small winged friends could spread my pollen,
And help me multiply as numerous as grains of sand

Let my leaves be thick and healthy,
So I can provide shade from summer heat,
And perhaps shelter from the winter winds
And maybe one day,
I will grow strong enough for a Dad to build a house in my arms
So his children can play on me and be closer to nature

And let me have a partner
Maybe with a trunk a little larger
Or a tad smaller than mine
About fifteen or twenty feet away…
Just far enough to string up a hammock
So those in need of an afternoon nap
May sprawl out under my canopy

If I were a tree,
My needs would be so simple,
And what I could offer,
Might be quite substantial,
My branches so numerous,
Reaching so high,
So abundant my leaved fingertips
Stretching Up, Up, Up…To the Heavens and a Smiling God