My Last Visit

My boy Scotty don’t look so good tonight…he took a spill while taking a leak yesterday
Seems he got tangle up in the tubes he was tethered to…

I don’t think I can write this, but maybe I can…

Just like Pops who went tumbling down…he gotten up to pee, didn’t feel the Ambien, so he took another...

When the gal came to the house with his food in the morning, he was on the dining room floor crying…help, please help…I can’t get up

Like a turtle upside down on his hard armor shell…powerless

Falling on his side Scotty took quite a bruise…now the fluids are back, his breathing is difficult…oxygen saturation is low

Breathing’s everything it’s cracked up to be

Tonight his speech is somewhere between a mumble and a groan, unintelligible to me, but Nancy understands every utterance
The Redman Family stands vigil 24/7…Jesse, Micah, and Nan work shifts…on a first name basis with the North Tower Sixth Floor support staff and nurses

Stepping into the elevator… en route to Jerry’s…Scott’s surgeon was there and said hello…I knew not the man with the stethoscope…and Micah explained to me when we walked through the door…

Nancy’s number-one-son said with such eloquence: “There’s a phenomenon that can be seen in one’s relating and cherishing the sight of the man who cut opens your dad…respect, trust, hope, dependence, need, devotion, confidence…it’s like you want to make a deal on the side to insure you’re loved one’s recovery…”

But as Micah said, “I’m just one of the doctor’s eighty patient’s family members…how can you even begin to keep all that straight?”

Man, those falls the ill take have a domino effect you can sub-divide…broken hips and ribs, major disorientation…complications…respiratory malfunction

How fragile the infirmed can be…it really makes me see how petty my complaints and grievances really are…

When I wrote this two weeks ago on Tuesday morning…I had no idea I would never see my friend Scotty again