Separation - Part II

It was before Sundown
I was walking Papi and Mimi,
when Alex called last Friday night from Chico
“Dad, Dad, hit me up” was all he left on my voice mail
I waited till Saturday night to call him,
After sundown,  
“Yo Pakips,” I said into the phone
“Hey Pops,” he said, “I’ve something important to ask you”
The wheels in my head began to turn…What was up?  What happened? What does my firstborn need?  What does he want?  What should I think?  What should I say?  What’s THIS going to cost?
“Stay calm,” I said to myself, “Have an open mind,” I thought, “Don’t react,” I tried to keep in mind…
“Fire away, I’m all ears,” I said, acting as it
“Dad, I need your blessing,” he continued…
“What’s doing,” I asked
“Dad, I want to make Allijah, I want to move to Israel and become and Israeli citizen”
Before I could reply, I cried a million tears of joy, and died a hundred deaths, and thought
Christ, what’s Kelly going to say?