Southbound on PCH

There she sat
In her huge, shiny, black, Lexus SUV
I suspected she was a kept woman
She seemed aloof
Driving aimlessly
Switching lanes,
Back and forth
Speeding and slowing
Appearing lost and lonely
Heading southbound on PCH
And in life generally

We pulled aside one another
At the Paradise Cove signal
The light was red
And so were her long nails
And puffy collagen lips
We shared a parallel moment
Or at least I did
She looked to deep
Under the spell of her Blackberry
 To notice much of anything  

The rock on her left hand was bigger than
Most satellite dishes
She appeared to be the grown up version
 Of all the girls that said:
“Epstein, you gotta be kidding”
Or at least the ones
I imagined would have replied that way
Had I’d the balls to ask them to dance,
Or date,
Or anything

Her face was closed for business
Bored, self absorbed, and without affect
I understood her grief, sorrow, and loss
No matter where
No matter when
And no matter how
A pauper and a princess
Both bleed
The same shades of crimson