Sparkling Princess

I was miserable on our ride to San Pedro in rush hour traffic

Not only was I unsure of the 710 exit, and fearful, but I also had to pee

We did arrive on time of course, but there were no familiar faces…just a massive crowd of strangers

Then a little girl called out my daughter’s name: Laura, Laura, and then another and another

My little girl’s face lit up with joy, her small kindergarten compadres were many…and equally excited to board the Big Boat to Catalina

Dad’s and Daughters, this Indian Princess deal was filled with appeal…the most stoic of pops soon to loosen up, faces relax and shoulders drop

On the Slow Boat we were all the same

Money, station, and virility temporarily diminished…now just Fathers with our precious Girls…we could ease up, no need to one up…our Princess’s eyes filled with dreaminess

Soon past the breakwater, the ship’s galley was open for business…Daddy, can I have some Fun Dip and a Kit Kat bar?

Her Mother would have said one or the other, like a house of cards I purchased two of each

On my lap, Lolo safely sat, the not so gentle sea pitched, and we snuggly dug in on the lower deck

Through the small portholes we could see the sun finally drop, my little girl asleep in her little green jacket with fury hood, white leggings covered in red lady bugs

For the two hour boat ride my world was complete…the Universe in its entirety was perfect…

My lap filled with a warm loving bundle as we chugged 26 miles across the sea