The Other Woman

I’ve been carrying on an affair for some time now
It’s a difficult thing to keep from being seen
An obsession far past addiction
One which has caused me to blindly neglect so much
Innumerous things in my life have suffered 
I rarely surf anymore,
My yoga practice is in the pits
And my wife Kelly often complains of being lonely
My mistress is the first thing I think of when I wake
And she’s usually what’s on my mind when I’m waiting for a red light to turn green
I crave our late morning liaisons when I’m able to sneak away from the office for an early lunch
But she’s also the cause of my broken heart when I’m not able to spend at least an hour’s worth of venerable intimacies in her presence
I wonder how such an involvement could ever get so out of hand
I never thought I could become so in love or maybe lust
And I never thought I’d become one of those middle aged men, stranded on the rocks at the local corner Starbucks, under the spell of such an elusive siren as an electronic lap top…